Sponsor PyTexas 2013

August 16-18

Presenting PyTexas 2013, the 7th Annual Python Community Conference for the Texas Region. The purpose of PyTexas is to share Python-related knowledge and enthusiasm in the form of presentations, coding sprints, "teach me" sessions, and general networking among developers. It is run every year by volunteers from around the region.

In 2012, PyTexas received national recognition from former Python Software Foundation chair Steve Holden as a regional conference that deserves the Python community’s support.

Please consider sponsoring PyTexas 2013 through a financial contribution to the Python Software Foundation (PSF). Your contribution helps the Texas area Python community build a better conference, while also providing a targeted marketing and community outreach opportunity.

We have provided this prospectus for potential sponsors to find out more about the conference itself and available sponsorship opportunities. Our contact information is available immediately below if you have any questions.

Contact Details

Sponsor Chair: Jeremy Boyd
Email: sponsorship@pytexas.net
Phone: 512-586-4587

Conference Profile

Estimated attendance:
We expect 150-200 attendees for PyTexas 2013. Previous years have seen increasing attendance, and with the growing popularity of Python we only expect this trend to continue.

Audience Profile:
Amateurs, students, and professional Python software developers, architects, managers, inventors, entrepreneurs, geographers, meteorologists.

Schedule (tentative):

  • Fri, Aug. 16: Two tutorial tracks, beginner and intermediate. Exclusive hackathon/contest kickoff. Promotional sponsor party slot available in the evening.
  • Sat, Aug. 17: Morning presentations, 11am keynote, afternoon presentations and lightning talks. Room for sponsor booths & tables, as well as drinks and snacks, will be open all day. Promotional sponsor party slot available in the evening.
  • Sun, Aug. 18: Game programming competition, sprints, and “unconference” style open space meetings.

Why Sponsor?

As a sponsor, your funding assistance will serve three critical purposes:

  1. Highlight your presence within the Texas Python community. You can use this to:
    1. Recruit your next engineer
    2. Drive adoption of your product
    3. Simply show your support for the Texas Python community
  1. Build a better PyTexas by enabling organizers to attract attendees with standard conference perks such as printed t-shirts, swag bags, catering, professional A/V, and more.
  1. Help keep the cost of PyTexas low. PyTexas 2013 attendees will pay a modest registration fee of $25 (reduced for students), and almost all of this fee will go to the rental of our venue. Your sponsorship helps us keep this price reasonable for everyone involved.

Sponsorship Opportunities

All donations to PyTexas are made directly to the PSF, a 501(c)(3) and therefore count as charitable donations.

Standard Packages

PyTexas offers several standard packages for sponsors. This year we’ve added a new tier, the Bronze level, for individuals and small startups who want to show their support:

  • Bronze $200
    • Available for individuals and early-stage startups
    • Name and link included on PyTexas website
    • 1 free ticket to PyTexas
  • Silver $500
    • Logo included on the PyTexas website
    • Promotional items placed in the PyTexas swag bag
    • Company name and link included in the PyTexas press release
    • 2 free tickets to PyTexas
  • Gold $750
    • All the benefits of Silver-level sponsorship
    • Select a table/booth space from the remaining available spots (first paid, first served)
    • 1 additional free ticket to PyTexas (3 total)
  • Platinum $1,000
    • Limit: 5 2
    • All the benefits of Gold-level sponsorship
    • Company logo on back of PyTexas t-shirt (size & placement subject to artistic license of PyTexas organizers and may be affected by the number of other sponsors at this level)
    • Company banner placed in the large conference room
    • If you are interested in this level, please contact Jeremy Boyd before donating. Once the number of Platinum sponsors has been finalized, we can define the size and placement of t-shirt logos.
    • 1 additional free ticket to PyTexas (4 total)

Exclusive Benefits

This year PyTexas will offer several exclusive sponsor benefits on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Lanyard tag ($500)
    • One slot available
    • Each attendee’s lanyard will be affixed with a ribbon with a design of your choice (subject to approval by Sponsor Chair)
    • Lanyard tags to be provided by sponsor (if needed, contact us for potential lanyard vendors)
  • Lanyard ($500)
    • One slot available
    • Each attendee’s lanyard will be suspended around their neck using a lanyard with your design (subject to approval by Sponsor Chair)
    • Lanyards to be provided by sponsor (if needed, contact us for potential lanyard vendors)
  • Exclusive party slot ($1000)
    • Friday and Saturday slots currently available
    • Promote your party on the day of the party
    • Official promotion via website, schedule, and announcements
  • Swag bag sponsor ($3000)
    • Donation includes cost of bags
    • Exclusive name/logo on exterior of bag
  • Your stack hackathon/contest ($3000)
    • One slot available
    • Special session available on Friday or Saturday to kick off a hackathon or contest for your product
    • Special session available on Sunday (e.g., to announce winners, demo coolest hacks, etc.)
    • Official promotion via website, schedule, and announcements

Contact the Sponsor Chair for more details.

Have an Idea?

Do you have an idea for a package or exclusive benefit you’d like to see at PyTexas? We’re open to them! Contact the Sponsor Chair to discuss what you’d like to do.

Want to send a Speaker?

Sponsors are encouraged to submit proposals for talks, but acceptance is not guaranteed as a result of sponsorship. Please feel free to have your speakers submit proposals, and the PyTexas Program Committee will expedite consideration so that you can plan in advance. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Committee, but the following guidelines can increase its likelihood:

  • Relevance: Presentations will only be accepted if they contain content relevant to Python developers.
  • Open Source Preference: Presentations on vendor products are more likely to be accepted if the product is open source or has an API accessible to open source tools.
  • Lateness Disclaimer: Last minute presentation proposals from sponsors are less likely to be accepted. To receive full consideration, the proposal must be received in advance of the deadline for call for proposals.


Each year, PyTexas features prize drawings for attendees, with gifts generously donated from sponsors. Anyone is welcome to donate prizes for these drawings. This is a great way to get the word out about your product.


Since 2011, PyTexas has been held at Texas A&M University in College Station. We have enjoyed significant support from the University’s Department of Computer Science and College of Architecture.

PyTexas 2013 will return to College Station and the Texas A&M campus with the College of Architecture hosting the conference. As in 2012, the PyTexas 2013 venue will be the newly renovated Memorial Student Center which features a 16,000 square foot ballroom with state-of-the-art presentation technologies. This facility was a hit in 2012, and it has ample room for large presentations, small tutorial sessions, and sponsor presence.

For more info on the Memorial Student Center, see http://ourmsc.tamu.edu/.

About the Python Language

Python is a general purpose, open source programming language popular for its elegant, high-level, and cross-platform design. It is protected and promoted by the Python Software Foundation. The PSF also aids organizers of local conferences such as PyTexas with financial and logistical support.

Python has a wide range of practical uses, from simple scripts to large scale enterprise applications to high volume websites such as YouTube.

Python is used for system administration, web development, building GUI applications, scientific computing, game development, and as a "glue" language for systems integration, among other things. Python developers have many choices of runtime environments, including CPython, JVM (Jython), and .NET (<IronPython).

See http://www.python.org/about/quotes/ to find out how organizations around the world are using Python.

Questions or Comments

The PyTexas 2013 volunteers appreciate your time in considering this prospectus. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Sponsor Chair:

Sponsor Chair: Jeremy Boyd
Email: sponsorship@pytexas.net
Phone: 512-586-4587



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